Accessorize Your H2O Capsule Water Bottle & Glam It Up!

We all know the numerous benefits & functionalities of H2O Capsule products, how these long-lasting Bottles contribute immensely towards helping nurture and preserve what’s left of the environment, and how you only need one bottle and that’ll be enough to sustain you for long periods of time.

But eventually, anyone & everyone is bound to get bored of seeing, keeping, and using the same thing for days and months and even more! It becomes easy to buy multiple bottles to keep it fresh and exciting.

Buying Multiple Bottles? Really?

Alas! That’s neither an option NOR A NEED!

When it comes to our products, we have worked tooth and nail to provide you with the best possible quality water carriers with beautiful designs and so many functional additions! 

So, it would be a shame if you had to buy more than one merely under the pretense of “variety.”

Not to forget, the entire point of reusable bottles is to reduce our net consumption and consequently the net waste.

So buying multiple bottles is counterproductive, reduces this pro-environment movement of ours to mere gimmicks and that is something we’re not about. Our love and concern for mother nature are what drive us to create our products. We’re passionate about safeguarding it by doing everything we can!

However, that by no means implies that we are not concerned about you! We see you’re also trying your best and are actively trying to make conscious choices for your sake and for that of this planet. And so we want to make this journey easier for you!

Here’s What We Can Do About It!

If there’s one philosophy that will help you get out of this dull and monotonous circle of carrying the same article with you everywhere and every day, it's this-

“If you can’t change something, change your outlook towards it.” 

But we’re going to twist it a bit and change its outlook instead of ours!

As simple as it sounds, accessorizing your water bottle is the most efficient way of satisfying your whims without generating excessive waste! There are a lot many ways in which you can add your personal touch to your carrier and make it unique, fun, and quirky.

Keep on reading to discover all the ways you can experiment with your style!

“Sleeve” Through Your Problems!

A quick, easy, and innovative way to add new life to your reusable water bottle is to accessorize it with the stunning H2O Capsule Sleeves available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs.

This gives you the liberty to dabble with any style you like every single day! What is eco-friendly, saves time, saves energy, hydrates you, is always available on the go, and can be switched up according to your taste? That’s right! It's our half gallon water bottle.

Accessorize Your H2O Capsule Water Bottle & Glam It Up!

These sleeves are made of durable & absorbing fabrics, so apart from flaunting the delish patterns, you also save yourself from the mess of unwanted condensation while making the bottle easy to carry.

Explore various designs like animal prints or designs inspired by the universe, stars, and everything that exists beyond it! Or if that’s something you would like, explore our fun & quirky colors giving your bottle a refreshing look & feel.

Lid The Way!

Along with our beautiful and multipurpose sleeves, you can further customize your reusable water bottle by switching up the lids! Which anyways, you’ll need to buy a couple of spare as lids are the most integral part of any bottle whose condition determines the longevity of your bottle.

So when buying a reusable bottle, you can increase its life span by getting a couple of extra lids, as the main problem when bottles stop being functional usually only arises when the lids loosen or crack over time. So why get a whole new bottle when just buying lids solves the problem?

Coming back to customization, these lids are also available in attractive tones and features that will change the entire look of your bottle with minimum effort. This way, you can dedicate different lids to the different looks you wish to carry!

Heading to the gym? Pick a lid with a fresh, sporty neon color to go with your water bottle! An important day at the office? Make a statement with a bold water carrier and a contrasting lid. 

You can further add charms and straps to your lid and make your bottle look even prettier! According to your personal aesthetic, you can choose eccentric charms and jewelry to enhance the overall look of your water carrier.

Get Creative!

The options mentioned above are great, easy, and feasible. But for those who like going the extra mile, we have some special suggestions as well! If you don’t feel like the options online truly express you, are not appropriate for certain events, or you simply don’t like the designs, it’s time to take matters into your own hands!

One way to be noticed and set yourself apart is by adding your personal touch to your belongings - Quite Literally! It’s time to take those rusting art & craft supplies out and transform your reusable bottle’s look.

You can choose any artistic expression to showcase your creativity. Be it stickers, painting, sketching, or whatnot!

Accessorize Your H2O Capsule Water Bottle & Glam It Up!

For stickers, you can go for trendy colorful stickers of your choice or your favorite TV Shows! This will not only beautify your bottle but also serve as an enjoyable conversation starter in public!

You can also get your creative juices flowing and use acrylic paints to modify your bottle. You can add tiny elemental designs or paint a portrait close to your heart and reinvent your water bottle.

Getting crafty is especially easy on our bottles because a water bottle with storage serves as the perfect canvas to show your skills!

Where There Is Will, There Is A Way!

To sum it all up, you can find various ways to make your H2O Capsule water bottle look fresh and new every time you go out. You can be as hands-on as you want with the bottle and create your own magic, or take the seamless option and buy stunning accessories to enhance its look.