Don't Have A Bag? Our Water Bottle Will Hold All Your Essentials

Are you going on an adventure? Stay hydrated in elegance with an appealing water bottle. A water bottle with time markings encased in a multifunctional sleeve offers easy tracking and extra storage benefits. Along these criteria, we’ve found the most unique and advanced product for you—something you can take along whenever you’re out and about. Previously you’d need a bag to carry the water bottle, but now, you don’t have to worry about it. Here's the best solution to your problem - you can carry all your things in just one place! Carry your reusable water bottle and other important stuff on your sleeve and enjoy a bag-free outing. Furthermore, carry everything hands-free by using a removable shoulder strap. You can go anywhere now without a second thought of worrying about your belongings. It may be yoga in the morning, the office all-day, bike riding in the evening, and even at times of vacation for trekking or rock climbing.

Your Water Bottle: A Mini Bag with Numerous Functions

Dust-Proof Spout Cover- The spout opening is perfect for drinking water in the proper manner. The product's lid is made simple for you to use. The simple lock flip on the cap can help in saving you from leaking water in the pack, a blackened cap, a flick back from the cap itself, or troublesome facial touch so you can freely go out.

Infusing Filter: Even if you are going for a workout or at work, take your drink along every time with our extensive water bottle, including infusing filter that is set within the lid and gives you a different shaking experience. Along with the bottle, you get a sleeve for a hydration ritual to perform that helps you shine from top to bottom.

Phone Holder for All Sizes: H2o Capsule water bottle has a wide outer area for a pocket, and the sleeve is made of BPA-free material with no toxins or odor. You can also carry other important stuff in these water bottles with pockets. You can also take other essential things in these beautiful water bottles with pockets anywhere, whether at parties, offices, school, or travel. You can relish the durability and comfort of a reusable plastic bottle.

Key Chain: If you have fear regarding the theft of keys and juggling with tons of things. The H2O capsule water bottle comes with the totality you require. You can keep keys in the bottle sleeve as it gives you the option to carry your keys.

Removable Straw: The thin-mouth water bottle straw is intended for ease, durability, utility, and affordability. We have also made it easy for your kids to drink correctly without any trouble, and you get the most worth for your money. Along with the bottle, flexible straw is also an extra advantage for a spill-resistant sip and firm water flow.

Cardholder: Carrying the cards is not a big problem now. H2O capsule bottle also has another pocket wherein you can safely keep your credit card or debit card, shopping card, and identity card.

Water Bottle with Time Markings: Time marker water bottle keeps you hydrated and cheerful throughout the day and is essential to happiness and satisfaction. No more guessing; you can beat your daily water consumption target like clockwork. You can monitor your water consumption through the bottle's transparent appearance, and measurements are included to keep you inspired. Any fitness objective, such as weight loss, strength building, hunger management, and general wellness, is achievable with this bottle.

Removable Shoulder Strap for Easy Carry: The bottle with a strap can go over the shoulder for easy transportation. The strap is adjustable, has happiness and satisfaction, and is a standard length for carrying hands-free and making effortless holding of things. The flexible strap assists in trouble-free holding, walking and drinking. It is specially made to provide comfort to you while abroad. Make your loved ones' sense extra memorable this holiday by giving them reusable bottles.


In addition to all the wonderful functions, H2O Capsule half gallon water bottles feature beautiful patterns that can match your outfits. These are perfectly made for your outing, with various features like time markings, card holders, removable straws, key chains, and phone holders. Carry everything in one place with the encased water bottle while traveling, going to the gym, or going on any casual outing. The sleeve also protects your bottle and keeps it clean. Just give proper care to your sleeves and wash them whenever needed. Just pick the right sleeve according to your water bottle, and you will get the best experience.