H2O Capsule : Your Go-To Water Bottle Brand

More often than not, we consider water bottles to be trivial or inconsequential, not paying  them the kind of attention and consideration that we usually give to our clothes, which identify our style and fashion sense to the world. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth, because water bottles are quickly becoming a piece of apparel (i.e. check out Kendall with her water jug), in addition to serving so many other purposes in our daily routine that they often get overlooked. Don’t believe us? Picture your regular day in your head, and simply remove your H2O Capsule from the equation.

Feeling thirsty yet? We bet you do! 

Do I Really Need To Invest In A Good Water Bottle?

A Thousand Times YES!

As absurd as it may sound, choosing the right water bottle for yourself can (and will) transform your life as you know it. 

It starts from the little benefits like having water being readily available to you 24X7, but also has lasting effects on the environment and consequently the planet.

Sorts Your Routine!

When you’re not “A Water Bottle Type Of Person”, It can be exceedingly tedious to manage your daily water intake. So much so that you often forget to keep track. Not to forget the troubles when you could really use a sip of water to soothe your throat, but don’t have a bottle on you or a water source nearby.

So you have to either suffer until you find one (then you have to think about whether the water source is sanitary if you’re outside), or spend a few bucks for a refreshing sip. Either way it feels like the universe is not working with you.

Such problems don’t arise when you carry your personal water bottle with times, as you can quench your thirst anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is look in your bag!

Naturally having water available near you reminds you to drink it without disrupting your super-busy lifestyle that forbids you to focus anywhere else. This keeps you on track with your intake and content throughout the day.

Nurturing Nature!

When people consider the alternative to carrying your own water bottle (i.e. single-use plastic bottles), they often only think of the small conveniences of size & not having to carry it for long periods of time. But what we often overlook are the hazardous effects they have on mother nature!

Single-use bottles are not only expensive to buy on a regular basis, but also incredibly wasteful. On top of that, these are (usually) made from cheap thin plastic materials that contain tons of toxins that can make both you and your planet ill. 

Switching to Water Bottles will not only reduce the total waste production of the world, but also consequently reduce the amount of toxins and harmful chemicals otherwise seeping into the soil.

So Why Haven’t People Made The Switch Yet?

Reading this must have made you wonder, if we all know how important it is to make this much needed switch, then why have people not fully embraced carrying their own water bottles? Well, It’s kind of more complicated than that.

You see, we love the concept of minimal waste, but haven’t really found a practical solution to incorporate these in our routine without all the hassle of carrying and caring for them everywhere with us.

Bulky & Unhandy

If you’re actually going to buy a water bottle for your entire day, you will inevitably need to buy a water bottle with storage enough to store at least a decent gallon of water. Which candidly speaking, is a lot to carry. 

Especially with their tiny, good-for-nothing handles that barely fit three fingers that make it tiresome to hold them for long periods of time. Particularly when you’re traveling via public transportation.

Buh Buh Boring!

This may not look like a big deal, but it can be so dull and monotonous to carry the same water bottle with you every single day! 

Not to forget that there are days when you’re really feeling your outfit and don’t want to ruin the look by carrying an off-putting chunky bottle in your hands.

Committing to a single bottle restricts you from experimenting with colors and patterns and changing your look every once in a while. 

And even if you wanted to pick a nice bottle worth the commitment, good luck finding designs that make you want to stick to one for a long time!

H2O Capsule: Solving Problems Left & Right!

What if we told you that we have found a solution for you where you can easily enjoy the benefits of having a water bottle, but none of the unnecessary hoops and hurdles of keeping one with you?

We Bet You’d Be As Excited As We Are!

H2O Capsules has kept in mind all these struggles you face, and have created the perfect carry-on bottles with lots of love and care for you to go on about your day effortlessly.

Don’t Skip Taking Your Bottle Along-Strap It In!

The biggest problem people faced was the unhandiness of bottles making it a task to take them with you. 

Say it's errand day and you’re going grocery shopping, now do you carry your massive bottle or just skip it? You Strap It! H2O Capsule come with crossbody straps so you can strap it to your body while keeping your hands free of the clutter and weight!

This allows you to take your personal water reservoir everywhere you go. Going for a Run? Take it with you! Feel like Having a Hike? Strap it like your bag! Walking around with your pup, but need to carry the pooper scooper too? Easy peasy !

New Day - New Look!

Another apprehension people displayed while committing to bottlers long-term, was that they would get bored of the same thing everyday. So naturally, H2O Capsule came to the rescue!

Our Bottles are paired with detachable sleeves!

These sleeves come in various colors, patterns and designs so you can pick and choose the ones that match your vibe and change them whenever you want. Buying multiple sleeves gives you the feeling of carrying different bottles without the guilt of contributing to waste culture.

Our Sleeves Can’t Stop Slaying!

Not only do they enhance the bottle’s look, but our sleeves are also multi-functional! 

They act as the perfect storage for all your accessories like phone, charger, keys, cards, and so much more that you don’t feel the need to get a locker when going to the gym, or a purse when walking around!

On top of that, they save your table or floor from the irritating water marks left behind due to condensation of beverages by acting as a barrier between the bottle and the surface.

Too Good Yet True!

In Essence, H2O Capsules are tailored to take care of every imaginable aspect that should be considered, so every bottle is in the truest sense of the phrase, the best bottle of its time, or should we say a water bottle ahead of the times!