Picnic Essentials You Don’t Wanna Leave Behind.

Picnic Essentials You Don’t Wanna Leave Behind.

Pretty skies & fragrant flowers have arrived yet again! With Spring here and summer approaching very fast, it is officially the ideal time for taking cute & quirky belongings like our cow print water bottle & beating the heat! 

We all know how much we’ve missed these small joys of the season. The airy dresses, windy bike rides, daytime dates, and of course, the star of the season- PICNICS!!

We’ve now taken it upon ourselves to get you fit for outings and ready to beat the heat with lots of chilled liquids & laughter; so we’ve put together this quick list of items you definitely need to check for before leaving for the day to enjoy it to the full extent.

But First Food!

Before that, we need to discuss the most critical element- Food & Drinks!

A picnic is incomplete, nay invalid, without eatables. After all, what are you supposed to munch on while gazing at the gorgeousness ahead? Picking food can be particularly tricky as you don’t want to make a mess with elaborate gravies or tedious preps. 

So try to take items that don’t need a lot of preparation like cheeses, fresh fruits, and some packaged snacks. 

Picnic Essentials You Don’t Wanna Leave Behind.

You also want to take along things that won’t ruin or curdle in the heat and can be served cold (or as is), like sandwiches. Another tip is to keep your serving sizes small, so you can just grab and eat!

Don’t forget to sort all your beverage needs beforehand! Don’t rely on the destination to get essentials like water and coolers. If you plan on getting a bit tipsy, buying bottled beverages like box wine is very much recommended.

Everything REUSABLE !!

Disposables have become a thing of the past & with all the waste they cause and toxins they release; it's about time they did! So this season, take the conscious step and use reusable containers for everything you need to carry.

We’re talking food & beverages here, so your best bet is to get good quality stainless steel storage containers, or if you’re buying plastic, make sure it is non-toxic and BPA- free. It is best to carry along a water bottle with lid so you can save your liquids from dripping.

You should also consider taking hot packs and insulating covers made for such containers so that in case you’re bringing proper meals that you don’t want getting cold or ruined.

This way, you can have the luxury of a home-cooked casserole while enjoying the freshness of nature, all at once!

Forgotten Little Gems

Many a time, while planning for outdoor events, we become so occupied with remembering to bring the major essentials that we forget tiny things that are crucial too!

So here’s a reminder to get those smaller yet significant items to save your picnic from getting spoiled.

Can & Bottle Opener-

A good day outdoors is incomplete without chugging chilled beer/soda/coolers straight from the glass bottle, and yet people frequently forget the tools required for this quintessential picnic moment! Don’t be one of those people & always carry a can/bottle opener.

Bug Repellants-

One of the most frustrating things about being out in the open is the constant presence and annoying buzzing of bugs, mosquitos, and insects. And since picnics are mostly laid out in open spaces with a lot of grass, they get a free pass to disturb your peace.

But not if you pack your bug repellants before your trip! This way, you won’t have to be perpetually worried about covering the food or safeguarding your kids from insect bites, and you can spend the quality time you went there for!

Condiments & Cutlery-

This may seem obvious, but you won’t believe how common it is for people to forget cutlery! As we mentioned earlier, we get so involved in checking all the big items off our lists that the smaller, often important things sometimes skip our minds. 

Make sure to get cutlery items like spoons, forks, plates, bowls, cups, and such. Pro-tip- you can avoid getting bowls and reduce complexity by getting plates that are compartmentalized. Of all these items, be especially particular about Spoons, Forks & Napkins, because these are the ones you’re going to forget!

In Condiments, it makes the best sense to carry multiple sachets of ketchup, sauces, & spices. This way, you can have individual servings of everything, and you won’t have to fill up on space by carrying large bottles along with you!


If you’re wondering why didn’t we simply mention straws under cutlery, it's because they are so important and forgotten so so so often that they needed a special mention!

Picnic Essentials You Don’t Wanna Leave Behind.

Even though you would have carried and packed individual bottles for everyone, you will still need straws one way or another. It can be for your kids’ juice boxes or your own! For water & coolers, however, you can and should carry our 32 oz water bottle with straw, but for everything else, you can never have too many of them!

That’s All, Folks!

These were our simple yet essential recommendations to keep in mind while packing for your picnic. Obviously, there are so many more on the list, like Picnic baskets, blankets, chairs, cookout sets, etcetera, but these were the ones we knew you could forget.

So, keep our list close, remember to hydrate when outdoors & of course, don’t forget to have fun at your picnic!