Reusable Water Bottles: The ABCs Of Choosing The Right One!

Now that sustainable development is finally receiving some proper worldwide recognition , both the need and want for reusable water bottles have surged dynamically. So much so that today increasingly more people prefer carrying a half gallon water bottle with sleeve instead of the traditional single-use plastic bottle which barely quenches your thirst AND pollutes the environment on top of it!

But how to find the best reusable bottle for yourself? There are tonnes available in the market nowadays, how do we set them apart from each other and decide what’s best for us? Well, worry not! There are several tips & tricks up our sleeve that we want to share with you!

Keep on reading our quick and informative guide to making the best possible decision on which reusable water bottle you should buy!

What To Look for?

To make sure you pick the right piece, you must research thoroughly! As you don’t wanna end up regretting your purchase and barely using it despite investing good money into it! There are some aspects and factors you must consider before buying your bottle. Find them listed below.

Structural Integrity

First things first, the whole point of having a reusable bottle is to keep it with you long-term (we’re talking years!), and so the need for your bottle to be solid and sturdy becomes exceedingly apparent.

Because no matter which brand you buy it from, it is bound to undergo wear and tear to some degree. This wear & tear can be minimized by choosing a bottle made of heavier materials that are thick or layered to manufacture the bottle, as well as encasing the bottle in protective sleeve

Your best bet here is to get yourself a bottle with a thick base to endure everyday use , along with a protective sleeve to shield the bottle from harm.

Another area where you should prioritize thickness is around the bottleneck where the lid is attached, as the more preserved the neck is, the longer the bottle remains functional for you.

Design & Dimensions

Once you realize your water bottle needs to be made of solid materials to add integrity to its structure and encased to extend its longevity, logic dictates the next step to pick the one providing maximum utility through its design and size.

About size, you must go for bottles with a minimum capacity of half a gallon so they can at least easily store the amount of water you need for the day and yet not be too bulky. Choosing the half gallon model gives you the liberty of carrying a handy-compact item by refilling it only once or twice a day!

Apart from the size, you should pay attention to the small features and details that make your bottles easier to use and carry. For one, you should choose a bottle with a solid lid, and always, we repeat ALWAYS, get extra lids! Because you’re gonna need them. Trust Us.

Another essential factor is your ability to transport your bottle on a regular basis. So choose bottles with inbuilt handles which are big enough to hold your hand, and not just a couple of fingers, like most designs available in the market.

Or you could make use of the additional strap that comes with every H2O water bottle to give you the most feasible experience where you can go hands-free and carry our products on your shoulders or across your body.


As such an integral part of our daily lives, water needs to be consumed frequently and in sizable quantities. So you must be very cautious about what materials your bottle is made of.  

After all, the composition is bound to eventually seep into the water and ultimately reach your body. So, during the shopping process, you must never ignore the fact that you’re going to be drinking out of the bottle your entire day for many days.

Always ask your seller to provide you with the entire bottle composition to evaluate if it contains any harmful toxins or chemicals that could hurt you. One such chemical is BPA, also known as Bisphenol A, which is predominantly used in the manufacturing process of bottles.

The bottles containing BPA are the ones you want to stay away from! They are known to have various effects on human health, and they can reach your body through water bottles if you’re not careful.


As nonchalant as this sounds, accessories can essentially transform a bottle from being a water carrier to being the style statement with the utility you need! And since you will be stuck with a bottle for a long time, better be stuck with something you want to see every day.

There are many kinds of accessories available to complement your water bottle and add to its usefulness by providing those extra features and fixes. The best addition you can get for your bottles is a multipurpose sleeve that’ll solve all your problems.

A good sleeve not only acts as a covering to protect your bottle from dirt and dust but also adds a quirky touch full of your favorite colors or patterns and enhances its appearance. Not only this, but sleeves also keep your tabletops neat by eliminating any and all condensation marks that water bottles leave otherwise. Moreover, if you’re someone who gets bored with seeing the same things everyday, you can easily change up your sleeve to get a new look and feel!

And if you’re buying your bottles and sleeves from companies like H2O Capsule that care about you, you can find impeccable sleeves with built-in phone and key holders, so you don’t need to carry anything else except our H2O Capsule products to make your life easier.


In a nutshell, it's high time you get yourself a decent reusable water bottle to last you for a long time. Follow the steps outlined in our simple yet effective guide to get the best possible water carrier for yourself!