10+ Affordable plastic bottle alternatives - options for everyday use

Do you know what are the greatest plastic bottle alternatives? Have you been wondering if you could get an affordable alternative anywhere on the internet? We know many of you at home are thinking right now: Great, plastic bottle alternatives…But will it break my wallet? Are alternatives to plastic water bottles expensive, or is it just a myth?


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We will explain this subject to you and many more within this article. We will show you the 10 best plastic bottle alternatives made by H2O Capsule Bottle mixed-up with alternatives to plastic bottles in your home as well. We will explain why you must consider a lifestyle change, and how you can do it on a budget! Because guess what: Just like you, we all love a bargain! 

So let’s get to it!

Let’s start with why and how it affects your life!

Why you should use a plastic bottle alternative

Did you know, that almost every minute, more than a million plastic bottles are thrown away? Can you possibly imagine that amount? We would love that on our bank accounts, but not in our oceans, right? But it gets worse…Approximately 12 million tonnes of plastic bottles make it to our environment each year.

Let that sink in. 12 tonnes. We love a big number, but only when it means: H2O Capsule Bottle 2.2 liters, which means half a gallon. That’s when big numbers come in handy, right? With something sustainable and useful.

But before we go too much ahead, and tell you about the 10+ affordable plastic bottle alternatives, we need to stay on this topic and explain the situation a little more. 

Plastic bottles contain a chemical called Bisphenol A or BPA which seeps into the water and has been linked to diseases like cancer and hormonal issues.

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade but importantly it does photodegrade. This means over time it will break down into smaller and smaller fragments that contaminate water sources and enter our food chain. The presence of plastic in the ocean presents a danger to all kinds of marine life including seabirds and turtles.

But we are coming to save you, your wallet, and your health with our BPA-free and BPS-free capsule water bottles, the perfect plastic bottle alternatives! We have worked tirelessly to create a new hero in our lives, which is a sustainable water bottle option, which can be a great plastic water bottle alternative. Let’s get started with the list!

10+ affordable plastic bottle alternatives-H2O Capsule Bottle edition

Our designers have recently developed a new, never seen before design, and we are so proud of it, that we have to start with them. Our newest edition is called, the Cube and this is why it is better than your average water bottle:

Our unique book-shaped bottle is easy to store and comes with a roomy sleeve that can accommodate phones of all sizes, even with a pop socket or bulky case. Plus, there are multiple ways to carry the bottle hands-free, with or without the sleeve, as it fits well in your gym bag.

The Cube can be washed in the dishwasher, which makes cleaning easy. The H2O Capsule Cube comes with 2 leak-proof lids - 1 straw lid & 1 chug lid and is available in a variety of prints to match your style. What’s not to love, right?

1. Smiley Daisy - Cube - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and 2 lids

A cute, flowery design, which has been a long-time favorite among our customers now with an even more versatile shape and fun look.


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Get the Smiley Daisy Cube Water Bottle today!

2. Desert Sunset - Cube - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and 2 lids

A soft, powdery color with a desert pattern on the sleeve. The perfect alternative to plastic water bottles, going sustainable!


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Get the Desert Sunset Cube Water Bottle today!

3. Dawn Sky - Cube - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and 2 lids

One of our favorites. A soft, intergalactic design, that matches your gym outfits perfectly.
A great, reusable water bottle option for those, who love color in their lives and outfits!


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Get the Dawn Sky Cube Water Bottle today!

4. Peach TieDye- Cube - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and 2 lids

A design for girly girls, our Peach TyeDye water bottle won’t disappoint you, when you’ll be in need of an affordable plastic bottle alternative!

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Get the Peach TyeDye Cube Water Bottle today!

5. Black Marble - Cube - Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and 2 lids

While we have mainly shown feminine styles until now, we wanted to introduce a monochrome Cube water bottle, which can be a great reusable water bottle option for men.


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Get the Black Marble Cube Water Bottle today!

Before we move forward to the second section of our plastic bottle alternatives, we would like to let you know, that both of our designs cost the same amount of money, which is $30.99, unless a product is on sale, which will of course change the price of the product.

Let’s continue!

6. Rose Quartz -Classic- H2O Capsule 2.2L Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and straw lid

A true bestseller. We have sold out this design over and over since we launched it, therefore we couldn’t create a list of our plastic bottle alternatives without adding our rose quartz design.


Get the Rose Quartz Classic Water Bottle today!

7. Jet Black -Carry-all-Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and removable straw

The men’s favorite. Simple, sleek, black H2O capsule bottle 2.2l. It will keep you hydrated all day during your work hours and work out at the gym.



Get the Jet Black Classic Water Bottle today!

8. Cowbell - Carry-all- Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and removable straw

Another viewer favorite. A funky, cowbell design, perfect for both men and women, whether your journey is taking you to the gym or the office. A cool water bottle, that will keep you hydrated, while storing your cards, keys, and AirPods.


Get the Cowbell Classic Water Bottle today!

9. Hawaii Haven - Classic -H2O Capsule 2.2L Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and covered straw lid

An all-time favorite, a design we sold out many times before. We recommend this sustainable water bottle alternative to those, who want to feel happy and energized, every time they take a sip of water.


Get the Hawaii Haven Classic Water Bottle today!

10. Warm Tie Dye -Carry-all-Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and removable straw

If you are a lover of Y2K style, this Warm Tye Dye water bottle won’t disappoint you! It looks just like your DIY shirts from school, which can bring back beautiful memories while keeping you hydrated all day every day.

Get the Warm Tie Dye Classic Water Bottle today!

Which one is your favorite style? Tell us in the comments below!

Now, that we have listed the best affordable plastic bottle alternatives, that will help you stay hydrated while out and about, we also want to mention a few alternatives, which could be great in your homes.

Plastic water bottle alternatives

In recent years, it became the norm to have plastic glasses as our household items, but unlike our BPA-free water bottles, the manufacturers don’t have any concern for the user’s (or the environment’s) well-being. For this reason, we would recommend that you use glass cups or ceramic mugs in your home, which will prevent exposure to BPA.

And of course, when you are on the go, don’t forget to bring your H2O Capsule Water Bottle with you and share your experience with us!

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How do I take care of my capsule bottle?

We recommend hand washing the bottle as it's cold drinks only.

How do I keep liquid cool in my H2O Capsule?

The 2.2” wide mouth is perfect for ice cubes, and the 5mm neoprene sleeve keeps them cold as you work out. You can also store your H2O Capsule in the fridge. However, we recommend against keeping it in your freezer.

How do I take care of my capsule bottle?

We recommend hand washing the bottle as it's cold drinks only.

What is so unique about the sleeve?

Our insulation sleeve, which is patent-pending, is perhaps the greatest thing about H20 Capsule. Sure, it’s thicker and more protective than most, but it’s also a unique design that holds your keys, cards, and phone! It’s the only insulated water jug that holds your things while you exercise. You can even switch up your sleeve and customize it according to your style! The sleeve currently comes in 3 fashion colors – white, black, or rose quart, with more patterns and design materials to come. So choose the one that matches your gym OOTD and try this BPA-free water bottle now.

Is the H2O Capsule hormone safe?
Yes. The bottle is made of premium Eastman Tritan which is a BPA-free, FDA-approved material that has no estrogenic or androgenic activity. We insist on using this material because studies have suggested that certain synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals can interfere with these biological processes and lead to adverse effects, which can be found in low-quality water bottles. Endocrine disruptors are defined as chemicals that can interfere with the human endocrine system and ultimately lead to adverse health effects. Among endocrine disruptors, chemicals that mimic estrogen and testosterone in living animals are said to exhibit estrogenic activity, also known as EA, and androgenic activity, frequently known as AA. Rest assured that your H2O Capsule has neither!

Is H2O Capsule environmentally safe?
Yes. H2O Capsule is made of Eastman Tritan, which is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®. Our product seeks to break human dependence on single-use drink bottles, and offer a truly convenient, beautiful reusable alternative. In addition, we are committed to using creativity and technical expertise to provide sustainable solutions.

How much does H2O Capsule hold?
It’s impossible to think this is anything but the perfect fitness bottle. Non-toxic, multi-functional, and as a 64-ounce water bottle, it holds every single drop you need.

Does H2O Capsule have any warranty?
You’re naturally covered for 12 months for any manufacturing issues. But here’s what else you’ll love! Take H20 Capsule home and one of two great things will happen – you’ll find it to be the handy 2-liter water bottle you’re looking for today, or we’ll refund every cent! Let everyone else struggle in the gym… because you no longer have to with the revolutionary H20 Capsule!