5 reasons, why the H2O Capsule Bottle is as good as the Hydro Flask sleeve

Have you been wondering which water bottle or sustainable water jug to use, so you can stay hydrated all day, everyday? We know choosing isn’t easy, especially when we have incredible companies, such as the Hydro Flask sleeve and also H2O Capsule Bottle.

But ultimately, you will choose a water bottle, because guess what: You get thirsty during the day and you also need to hydrate to keep that glowing skin alive! So let’s have a look and see which water bottle will win the case for you and why. Will you choose H2O Capsule Bottles or Hydro Flasks? We hope the former!

Let’s go through this list similarities and differences, and see how the two bottles compare!

1. Size Don’t Matter? We Shall See!

All right! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? We know size kind of matters, when it comes to sustainable water bottles. Why? Because we love nothing more, than never worrying about having to refill our water bottles. And that’s the perfect reason why having a half gallon water bottle from H2O can be really convenient.

Just like Hydro Flask, we also offer gallon, half gallon and even smaller sizes and options of sustainable water bottles, making sure everyone can have the option they are looking for. And that’s not all! Most of out water bottles come with a strap and a straw, which means it could be a brilliant options for kids, when they are learning how to drink properly.

We also brought you some variations of our collection to show you how lovely you would 

look with your own sustainable half gallon capsule bottle from H2O:

Happy Day, Half Gallon Water Bottle

hydro flask comparison

Sunny Morning 1 Gallon Water Bottle

hydro flask comparison 2

Rocky Shore 32 OZ Water Bottle

Hydro flask comparison 3

2. Sustainability

While we are aware that our bottles are made out of plastic, we both believe in the same thing: Sustainability, and given your positive reviews: You feel the same way! We are also proud of all of you, who decide to stop constantly buying plastic bottles to get water and lands on a solution, which eliminates single use plastic in the long run.

Whether you choose Hydro Flask or our Half Gallon H2O Capsule Bottles, the goal is always the same: a positive impact on our environment and our bodies. Nothing sounds better for us, than a healthy planet and healthy humans!

Support your health goals with our Lilac water bottle!

3. Design Choices. We love this one!

When it comes to Hydro Flask, they are all about the sleek, hiking style. Minimalist with strong, bold colors. We love it-No hate here, but our hearts goes to funky colors, and patterns. That’s why we knew we wanted to do something different.

We were looking for sustainable water  bottle designs, that come with colorful sleeves with exciting patterns, bright straps and and even brighter interior! What’s more motivating, than drinking from a fun, colorful water bottle? We made sure that we can cater to everyone’s needs and made over 50+ designs, making sure everyone can find their favorite!

These are our current Top 3, when it comes to design:

Dawn Sky Cube Water Bottle

Hydro flask comparison 5

Game Changer Half Gallon Water Bottle

Ocean Daybreak Half Gallon Water Bottle

4. Usage. This is exciting. Hear us out!

Probably one of our favorite features, when it comes to our water bottles. While the Hydro Flask wins, when it comes to cooling, we are the front runners, when it comes to functionality.

Come on, look at this:

We made sure, that our water bottles will hold your

  • Cards
  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Airpods

And on top of that, they come with a removable shoulder strap, so you will have an easy time carrying them, a key chaing, removable straw (big big favorite in our office), spout lid and of course the neoprene sleeve, which allows us to have all of these exciting features, packed in incredible design for all of our sustainable water bottles!

See this beauty from every angle here!

5. Variety of Products

I know what you’re thinking. What do we mean here? Well, we wanted to highlight one awesome feature which the Hydro Flask has, which is having great additional products, such as lunch boxes, coffee mugs or storage bags. Since their brand is made for the lovers of outdoors, we have to say: Kudos for them, well thought out product range.

Our goal is to aim for the beauty of everyday life. Whether you enjoy a funky yoga outfit or gym pants, to find a water bottle, that matches your style. If you have been lacking hydration during your office hours, but you want something that looks appropriate, yet H2O Capsule Bottles are still xciting pieces to carry with you.

Our range goes from small and handy sustainable water bottles from large gallon water jugs, so everyone with their different needs can find what they are looking for. We all need water and we all need products, that help us eliminate single use plastic, and our ultimate goal is to do just that: One capsule bottle at a time.

One last thing: Sometimes we hear, that we don’t have masculine design. Fear not: We do! Here are our favorites:

Jet Black Half Gallon Water Bottle

Navy Blue Half Gallon Water Bottle

Canvas White Half Gallon Water Bottle

Hydro flask comparison 6


Cowbell Classic H2O Water Bottle

Hydro flask comparison 7


Jet Black Cube Half Gallon Water Bottle

Don’t forget: Whatever you choose, always choose a conscious option. We are coming out with new articles every month introducing new product launches, sustainability tips and tricks and everything in between! 

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Hydro Flask sleeve


How do I take care of my capsule bottle?

We recommend hand washing the bottle as it's cold drinks only.

How do I keep liquid cool in my H2O Capsule?

The 2.2” wide mouth is perfect for ice cubes, and the 5mm neoprene sleeve keeps them cold as you work out. You can also store your H2O Capsule in the fridge. However, we recommend against keeping it in your freezer.

How do I take care of my capsule bottle?

We recommend hand washing the bottle as it's cold drinks only.

What is so unique about the sleeve?

Our insulation sleeve, which is patent-pending, is perhaps the greatest thing about H20 Capsule. Sure, it’s thicker and more protective than most, but it’s also a unique design that holds your keys, cards, and phone! It’s the only insulated water jug that holds your things while you exercise. You can even switch up your sleeve and customize it according to your style! The sleeve currently comes in 3 fashion colors – white, black, or rose quart, with more patterns and design materials to come. So choose the one that matches your gym OOTD and try this BPA-free water bottle now.

Is the H2O Capsule hormone safe?
Yes. The bottle is made of premium Eastman Tritan which is a BPA-free, FDA-approved material that has no estrogenic or androgenic activity. We insist on using this material because studies have suggested that certain synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals can interfere with these biological processes and lead to adverse effects, which can be found in low-quality water bottles. Endocrine disruptors are defined as chemicals that can interfere with the human endocrine system and ultimately lead to adverse health effects. Among endocrine disruptors, chemicals that mimic estrogen and testosterone in living animals are said to exhibit estrogenic activity, also known as EA, and androgenic activity, frequently known as AA. Rest assured that your H2O Capsule has neither!

Is H2O Capsule environmentally safe?
Yes. H2O Capsule is made of Eastman Tritan, which is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®. Our product seeks to break human dependence on single-use drink bottles, and offer a truly convenient, beautiful reusable alternative. In addition, we are committed to using creativity and technical expertise to provide sustainable solutions.

How much does H2O Capsule hold?
It’s impossible to think this is anything but the perfect fitness bottle. Non-toxic, multi-functional, and as a 64-ounce water bottle, it holds every single drop you need.

Does H2O Capsule have any warranty?
You’re naturally covered for 12 months for any manufacturing issues. But here’s what else you’ll love! Take H20 Capsule home and one of two great things will happen – you’ll find it to be the handy 2-liter water bottle you’re looking for today, or we’ll refund every cent! Let everyone else struggle in the gym… because you no longer have to with the revolutionary H20 Capsule!