Lilac - Classic - H2O Capsule 2.2L Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve

$29.99 USD

The FIRST Ever Drink Bottle That Holds Your Stuff While YOU Work Out!

It’s a bodybuilding, yoga lovers and gym bunny conundrum - where DO you put your phone, keys, ID and cards when you train? Who wants to leave their phone in a locker, when it holds those pumping workout tunes! You CAN carry it but that fumbling and leaving it on filthy floors is not cool, right?

Well, it’s not a problem for H20 Capsule. The FIRST and ONLY Waterbottle that holds your stuff while YOU get your sweat on! The thick 5mm sleeve protects your bottle, while protecting your things! There’s a band for your phone, slot for your cards and keyring for your keys!

And here’s what else you’ll love...

Most water insulated water bottles max out at 86degF. But this workout water bottle keeps going, right up to 250deg! So you can pop hot drinks in there, use it in the sauna, and throw it in the dishwasher no problem! And the 2.2” widemouth is perfect for ice cubes!

The H20 Capsule - Gym Bottle AND Extra Pair of Hands!

  • Half Gallon Water Bottle with Handle made with premium Eastman Tritan
  • 5mm Thick Neoprene WITH Patent Pending Phone Holder, Keyring AND Card Holder
  • Flip Top Drinking Cap and Screw Top Lid for Wide Mouth Access (2.2” wide)
  • BPA and BPS Free, Food Safe Water Gallon Jug
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • 2 Liter Water Bottle supported by our 12-Month Warranty

Note: At the moment, we only ship to the United States.

  • Kindly remove the sleeve and wash the bottle before using it for the first time.
  • We recommend to use soapy water to handwash the bottle. Cold drinks only, not dishwasher safe.
  • The sleeve is handwash only.
  • As BPA-free material may retain odors, below are some tips on keeping your bottle odor-free, without using any chemicals:
    • Remove the lid and fill with vinegar and baking soda – leave contents to sit overnight.
    • Put damp coffee grounds inside the jug, secure the lid and allow contents to sit overnight.
    • Place a few drops of vanilla extract on some paper towels, then crumple the towers and put them in the bottle with the lid secure – allow to sit overnight.
  • Avoid filling the bottle with carbonated liquids, which could cause the seal to break or the lid to pop open and spray contents.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

At H2O Capsule, we take immense pride in the quality of our products, and we are pleased to offer a limited 12-month warranty to ensure your peace of mind. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our warranty policy:

What Is Covered by the Warranty:

Our 12-month warranty covers the following issues related to our products:

  1. Manufacturing Defects: Any flaws or defects in materials or workmanship.
  2. Workmanship Issues: Problems arising from the production process.
  3. Defective Products: Products that are found to be faulty or non-functional due to manufacturing reasons.

What Is Not Covered by the Warranty:

Please note that the warranty does not extend to the following:

  1. Normal Wear and Tear: The gradual deterioration of the product's appearance or performance due to regular use.
  2. Accidental Damage: Damage incurred from accidents, such as dropping the product.
  3. Product Misuse and Improper Care: Issues that arise from the product being used in a manner contrary to our guidelines or care instructions.
  4. Cleaning-Related Issues: Problems linked to inappropriate cleaning methods.

Start of Warranty Period:

The warranty period begins 12 months from the purchase date.

Claim Verification Process:

For all warranty claims, we reserve the right to request photographic proof of the defect. In certain cases, we may also ask for an explanation of how the issue occurred to verify that it is indeed a manufacturer's defect.

We want to ensure that warranty claims are legitimate and align with the terms and conditions specified in our policy. Claims may be rejected if the evidence and information provided do not substantiate a manufacturer's defect.

Return of the Original Product:

Upon successfully claiming the warranty, the original product must be returned to us. Failure to return the original, while continuing to use it, will be considered at your own risk. Please be aware that the manufacturer's warranty of the original product is voided once a replacement is issued. No further replacements will be provided for the same original product for which a warranty claim has already been made.

Submitting a Warranty Claim:

To initiate a warranty claim, kindly complete the claim form below, including a clear photograph of the manufacturing defect, and provide your order number. We are committed to assisting you throughout this process to ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing H2O Capsule. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and reliable warranty support to our valued customers.

No more wrestling with your keys, or leaving your phone on the dirty gym floor. The H2O Capsule is the only sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that doubles as handy storage! Hold your phone, keys and cards while you work out and look good doing it

The extra large 2.2L / 74 oz plastic hydro jug holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise. The reusable half gallon jug has a 2.25 wide mouth perfect for ice cubes, and removable straw for easy drinking on the move.

The patent-pending removable neoprene protective sleeve stores your stuff easily! It has a unique design that holds your cards and a cell phone of any size, and is finished with an in-built key chain and removable shoulder strap for convenient hands free carrying!

This fitness water bottle is leakproof, lightweight and now made with 30% thicker plastic to make it more heavy duty. The H2O Capsule is non-toxic, BPA free and BPS free, and comes with a bonus straw cleaning brush. Hand wash your bottle as it is not dishwasher-safe.

The H2O Capsule makes every reusable water bottle a superhero, from reducing plastic waste to providing inspiration, keeping you hydrated or simply stopping things from going missing. Thank you for your help in saving our planet, one capsule at a time!

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Frequently asked questions

The 2.2” widemouth is perfect for ice cubes, and the 5mm neoprene sleeve keeps them cold as you work out. You can also store your H2O Capsule in the fridge. However, we recommend against keep it in your freezer.

We recommend hand washing the bottle as it's cold drinks only.

Yes. The bottle is made of premium Eastman Tritan that is a BPA-free, FDA-approved material which has no estrogenic or androgenic activity. We insist on using this material because studies have suggested that certain synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals can interfere with these biological processes and lead to adverse effects, which can be found in low quality water bottles. Endocrine disruptors are defined as chemicals that can interfere with the human endocrine system and ultimately lead to adverse health effects. Among endocrine disruptors, chemicals that mimic estrogen and testosterone in living animals are said to exhibit estrogenic activity, also known as EA, and androgenic activity, frequently known as AA. Rest assured that your H2O Capsule has neither!

You’re naturally covered for 12-months for any manufacturing issues. But here’s what else you’ll love! Take H20 Capsule home and one of two great things will happen – you’ll find it to be the handy 2 liter water bottle you’re looking for today, or we’ll refund every cent! Let everyone else struggle in the gym… because you no longer have to with the revolutionary H20 Capsule!

While everyone else wrestles with their keys, and leaves their phone on the dirty gym floor, you with your H20 Capsule will have 64 oz of hydration, and ALSO a handy place to store all those things! Because the H20 Capsule is the ONLY sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that doubles as STORAGE! Hold your phone, keys and cards while on the gym floor and look good doing it. It is also leak proof and the flip top cap is easy to drink from.

Our insulation sleeve, which is patent pending, is perhaps the greatest thing about H20 Capsule. Sure, it’s thicker and more protective than most, but it’s also a unique design that holds your keys, cards and phone! It’s the only insulated water jug that holds your things while you exercise. You can even switch up your sleeve and customize it according to your personal style! The sleeve currently comes in 3 fashion colors – white, black or rose quart, with more patterns and design materials to come. So choose the one that matches your gym OOTD and try this bpa free water bottle now.