How we started

One night after watching “Finding Dory” which had a scene of the ocean choked with trash, my preschooler asked which one of his favorite X-Men has the superpower to save “the sea animals”. I told him there is none but he can help save them by using his water bottle instead of asking to buy drinks everywhere we go, to which he responded “well, maybe my water bottle is the superhero”. The next day while fumbling for my phone on my way to the gym and wishing I had a superpower to find things that constantly go missing, my son’s comment randomly came to mind and a funny image of the bottle wearing a X-Men costume popped up. Being from a graphic design background, I noodled it down later that day and suddenly realized “why not use the X to hold stuff”? I made myself a prototype on the sewing machine which didn’t really work out, but my husband Mike saw it and decided to apply his product engineer mind to it – and that’s how H2O Capsule came into being!

Our mission

To make every reusable water bottle a superhero, from reducing plastic waste to providing inspirations, keeping you hydrated or simply keeping things from going missing!

What makes our product unique

The water bottle has never been viewed as a premium quality personal accessory until now -– from functional sleeves to providing inspirations, tracking your hydration and looking good!

Thank you for your help in saving our planet, one capsule at a time! ©

- Sara, Mike & kids