Finding The Perfect Half-Gallon Water Bottle For Your Lifestyle

Reusable water bottles make staying hydrated easy, cut down on disposable single-use water bottles, and offer a way to make a fashion or lifestyle statement with ever-updating colors, shapes, and patterns. So there’s little wonder that they’re such big business: A May 2019 report from MarketWatch valued the industry at $239 million and predicted the sector will reach a value of $374 million by 2025. Reusable bottles could become even more popular if more places follow the lead of Facebook and San Francisco International Airport in banning single-use bottles.

Similarly, H2O Capsule offers a plethora of colors, designs, patterns, and functional, trendy reusable half-gallon water bottles

Lotus Bloom Water Bottle with Time Marker and Straw

It’s time to upgrade how you hydrate. The H2O Capsule is back with its new Inspo Collection, 64oz reusable water bottle. 

We care about you. That’s why we bring you the trendiest reusable water bottle that is BPA and BPS-free.

The time marker tracks a half-gallon fill, so you can track water intake every 12 hours or simply measure how much you’ve already consumed, no math required. Stay on task every hour with the motivation that reminds you of your goal. The wrist strap lets you enjoy hands-free carrying when empty. And finally, we’ve added a straw with a protective cover that protects the mouthpiece from dust and germs and flips open with a click of a button.

So, what else do you need? It’s perfect for you and your kids.

Purple Peach Water Bottle with Time Marker and Straw

The trendy design and colors of our reusable water bottles are to die for - whatever age or gender you relate to, it’s going to be the best reusable water bottle for you. 

This half-gallon water bottle is lightweight and easy to carry. The cute little portable, reusable water bottle is excellent for hiking, running errands, or running. 

If you have a hectic lifestyle and do not get time to yourself, the Purple Peach reusable water bottle is going to be the perfect fit for you.

The best part is you can get the matching sleeve, and you can get the hands-free experience by never having to carry a water bottle in your hands. Additionally, you will be able to store your phone, keys, and cards.

And the time marker and the half-gallon water bottle with straw will only help you with hydration under the scorching sun.

Rocky Shore Water Bottle with Time Marker and Straw

Do you ever drink water but don’t know how much you’ve had? Because us too. That’s why we have come up with reusable water bottles with time markers, and this will help you keep track of your daily water intake. 

The 12-hour time marker is one of the most useful things we have ever seen in reusable water bottles. Our trendy reusable water bottles are BPA and BPS-free.

Stay updated and hydrated with our water time marker. And that’s not even the best part. We provide a straw with our water bottles, so you never have to be disturbed while working. You can easily take a sip of water while performing any task, and voila!

So, don’t think twice before purchasing this reusable water bottle. This is the best and the perfect fit for you and your family.


Experts say that no one material is preferable to another from a sustainability standpoint. “It’s the reuse over single-use that matters,” said Sara Wingstrand, a former material scientist. She works as a project manager for the Britain-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation and calls herself material-agnostic in this case. She said your water bottle choice should come down to lifestyle considerations such as how much weight you can carry and your aesthetic choices.

So, why don’t you visit our website and look at H2O Capsule products?

Happy drinking!