Hacks To Make The Best Out of H2O Capsule Water Bottles

We want to make sure that you are getting the best out of H2O Capsule’s water bottles, jugs, sleeves, and straws. So, we’ve decided to share our favorite “hacks” to take your experience to the next level.

Loop the strap of your H2O Capsule water bottle around the headrest of your passenger seat while driving. This prevents your jug from freely rolling around in your car. Instead, it'll be more convenient and secure to hang right next to you.

You might be surprised to learn that our straw is adjustable. The straw has a flexible base that moves up and down. To make it shorter, simply push the base further up the straw, and to make it longer, pull the base further out. As a result, your straw will be able to adjust to the height that is most comfortable for you.

We are the solution to all your problems. We have created the best water bottle that holds your stuff while you get your sweat on because you can totally carry it yourself, but that fumbling and leaving it on filthy floors is so not going to get you that comfort that a half-gallon H2O Capsule water bottle can.

Get creative with flavors by adding fruits to your favorite H2O Capsule reusable water bottle. This is a great way to make hydration more fun and get extra nutrients.

We provide our sleeves with a shoulder strap long enough to wear crossbody, and you will never have to hold a water bottle in your hands again.

Our water bottle sleeves are so trendy and stylish yet so functional that you can hold your phone, keys, cards, and everything in between, all at once. So while everyone is trying to hold everything in their two little hands, you can walk hands-free and be comfy.

Do you ever have trouble taking a good group photo? Asking a stranger can be difficult, and it's nearly impossible when there's no one around to capture the moment. Prop your phone up against your H2O Water bottle to get the perfect group shot. You can even put your phone in the Sleeve's pockets to make minor height adjustments.

The pockets and strap on your Sleeve can be used for various purposes! Never go to the gym unprepared again. Attach your keys to the carrying loops. You could also attach additional hair ties, clips, or bobby pins to the strap. Insert your phone into the Sleeve's larger pocket. The smaller pocket can hold anything from headphones to credit cards.

The best thing about H2O Capsule water bottles is that they are very lightweight. So you can keep it aside when you are working out, or you can work out while carrying the sleeves with you. Or you can simply carry your water bottle with sleeves on your shoulder and hold your baby in your hands while going out.

This half-gallon water bottle with a sleeve holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise. The reusable half-gallon jug has a 2.25 wide mouth perfect for ice cubes and removable straw for easy drinking on the move.

H2O Capsule water bottle sleeves are 5mm thick. They protect your bottle while protecting your things! There’s a band for your phone, a slot for your cards, and a keyring!

We know how you feel about sleeves with toxic smelling fabric or adhesive, and boy, oh boy, you may not believe this, but H2O Capsule sleeves don’t. We said NO to those glues because you’re using the H2O Capsule Sleeve close to your nose and mouth! Thanks to our eco-friendly adhesive, you’ll notice a gentle, normal neoprene scent instead of overpowering chemical smells!

Happy Hydrating!