The Best Father's Day Gift Guide for Your Lovely Dad

Struggling to find that perfect gift for a special Father in your life? H2O Capsule has got you covered. We've come up with some great ideas to make your Dad feel extra special this year. Leave the stress behind and get him the perfect gift. Here is our 2022 H2O Capsule Father’s Day Gift Guide: 

  1. Navy Blue Half-Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve and Removable Straw

Picked from our newest arrival, this half-gallon water bottle is one of the most stylish and functional reusable water bottles you can find online. This H2O Capsule water bottle is practically built for the gym. 

You won’t have to leave your phone on the dirty gym floor and look for your eyes everywhere. The H2O Capsule is the only sports water bottle with a protective sleeve that doubles as handy storage! Hold your phone, keys, and cards while you work out, and look good doing it.

This half-gallon water bottle holds all the water you need to stay hydrated while you exercise. The reusable half-gallon jug has a 2.25 wide mouth perfect for ice cubes and removable straw for easy drinking on the move.

How about you gift this to your Dad, and he never again would he feel the stress of keeping his phone in the gym or being dehydrated. Plus, let me just say so, he will look super cool!!

2. Functional Encased  Water Bottle 

Found this very trendy and stylish H2O Capsule reusable water bottle; we think this might be a great gift to your Dad this Father’s day. Isn’t it a conundrum - Where should I put my phone, keys, ID, and cards to build my body? You feel that too? We thought so.

We have our favorite Floral Bloom half-gallon reusable water bottle because who wants to leave their phones in a locker when it holds those pumping tunes! Not cool, right?

Well, not a problem. We are the solution to all your problems. We have found the first and only water bottle that holds your stuff while you get your sweat on because you can totally carry the phone yourself, but all that fumbling and leaving it on filthy floors is so not cool! Why not enjoy the comfort that a half-gallon H2O Capsule water bottle can.

The thick 5mm sleeve protects your bottle while protecting your things! There’s a band for your phone, a slot for your cards, and a keyring!

And here’s what else you’ll love.

This half-gallon water bottle now comes with a leak-proof & dust-proof covered straw lid, which helps protect the mouthpiece AND flips open with a click of a button! Isn’t it perfect to gift your Dad?

3. Jet Black Sleeve 

We understand if he already has a water bottle he loves, but does he have this Jet Black sleeve with all his bottles? Ha! Didn’t think so. 

It is THE drink carrier you always wanted.

When we released our incredible H2O Capsule, Half Gallon Water Jug, what everyone loved the most (aside from the bottle) was our patent-pending sleeve. And so everyone asked, “Do you sell them separately?!” Today, the answer is YES! And even if you don’t own the H2O Capsule, you can also use our functional sleeve because it fits YOUR 2L water bottle! And that’s beyond amazing!

It’s a wonder to own such a thing that can carry all your belongings, including keys, phones, and cards. So while others are clumsy with their stuff, you can just walk, shop, or work out hands-free.

And if you think the sleeves have toxic smelling fabric or adhesive, boy, oh boy, you may not believe this, but H2O Capsule sleeves don’t. So, because you’re using the H2O Capsule Sleeve close to your nose and mouth, we said NO to those glues! Thanks to our eco-friendly adhesive, you’ll notice a gentle, normal neoprene scent instead of overpowering chemical smells!

That’s not even the best part. Our Jet Black sleeve comes with a very useful crossbody shoulder strap, and it’s not just a cute water bottle pouch but a functional bag with a detachable shoulder strap and handy storage. 

Let everyone else fumble with their stuff in the gym! Choose your favorite color now and carry your water in style with the H2O Capsule Sleeve!


So what say, is that good enough to gift your Dad the constant reminder to hydrate? He’s going to be so happy and comforted that you care about him and love him. 

Show him all that by simply gifting him the best H2O Capsule product.