Busy Mom Hacks - Don't Worry About Hydration While Looking After Your Child

Today, staying hydrated while working is challenging, especially when you are busy out and about, it becomes more difficult to fulfill your body's water requirements. Carrying a gallon size water bottle for a day is a must for many people. Reaching the right water intake level is vital because it will clear all the toxins from the body, which helps to have good digestion and a better immune system. 

If we talk about mothers who are already very busy taking care of their kids, they almost always forget about drinking enough water, which makes them feel more tired. New moms who have just delivered their babies are advised to consume water properly, and dehydration is the most common factor that you can easily find in new mothers. 

We have some excellent and practical hacks that will help new moms and moms with children who are occupied with taking care of their kids. 

  • Gallon Water Bottle: Gallon water bottles are the best source of consuming enough water. The gallon water bottles are made for people who frequently can't refill their water bottles. The gallon-sized bottles are easy to carry, and people prefer them because they quickly fulfill the water requirements. 
  • Water Bottles With Straw: Water bottles with straw are another very practical and easy-to-use bottle idea. Many mothers are often concerned that while carrying their kids if they spill water from their bottles, but water bottles with straws are an easy way of drinking water. 32 oz water bottle with straw are easy to store and carry whenever you are going out and carrying other things in your hands. 
  • Water Bottles With Sleeves And Straps: Carrying a water bottle with a sleeve and attached strap is the best choice for mothers who have difficulty carrying water bottles in their hands. H20 Capsules are easy-to-store water bottle sleeves. The sleeves and straps are fine, and with straps, it becomes more convenient to carry water bottles. 
  • Carry Half Gallon Water Bottle To The Gym: Mothers can carry around half-gallon water bottles to the gym and consume the entire water there. Mothers who are busy the whole day while working from home and taking care of their children should especially consume more water at the gym during the workout. In the morning, drinking more water flushes out all the toxins from the body through urine discharge. 

  • We’ve talked about ideas mothers can adopt to make their daily water intake easier. Now let's talk about some trendy products you can add to your water bottle collection:

  • Cowbell Water Bottle Sleeve: Cowbell is one of the most trending prints nowadays, and you can see it everywhere, from bags, bottles, and even people wearing jewelry in that pattern. You can style this print sleeve bottle with any outfit. 
  • Water Bottles With Time Marker: Water bottles with time markers are an easy and healthy choice. For people who forget to check how much water they have consumed, time marker bottles work great for them. These bottles are mostly in light colors like pink, blue and yellow, so the time marker will be visible clearly. 
  • Leopard Print Water Bottle Sleeve: Leopard print water bottle sleeves are in trend, and you have seen such uniquely designed sleeves on social media. Many people are posting videos and photographs with leopard water bottle
  • 32 Oz Water Bottles: 32 Oz water bottles are an excellent choice for those going for a short and casual outing. Mothers take their children to playgrounds, and they have to carry water bottles, so a 32oz water bottle is an excellent choice because it is medium-sized, lightweight and stores enough water that can be consumed in 2-3 hours. 
  • Water Bottles With Removable Straw: One of the best and most demanding water bottle types is straw water bottles, and if the straws are removable, it becomes more convenient for one to clean the water bottle properly. Straw water bottles are easy to carry, and drinking water is much easier than an ordinary water bottle.

  • Things To Understand Before Buying Any Water Bottle

    There are various types of water bottles available in the market, and it depends on the choice and requirements of the customer and what sort of bottle they want to purchase, but a few things we should always consider are:

    • The water bottle should be BPA and BPS-free. 
    • It should be made of high-quality material.
    • The water bottle should be odor-free.
    • If possible, then prefer to buy a microwave and dishwasher-safe water bottles.
    • The sleeve and strap of the bottle should be of premium quality so that they will not give you a rash or any allergies while carrying the water bottle.

    So this is a short but valuable article for all the young mothers out there who are still searching for some good water bottles and want to increase their water intake but still feel stuck. Now get yourself a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated!

    Till then, take care.