How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?

Today, drinking water and knowing about the benefits of water is the most trending topic among youngsters. The value of water and the benefits of drinking water is getting a lot of hype these days because people are getting conscious about their health as the list of chronic illnesses keeps growing. Nowadays doctors are also recommending drinking water according to your body type.

Do people generally ask how much water they should drink to stay healthy? Many have already answered this question, and the internet is full of suggestions. But as one could expect, some information on the internet is not completely accurate. 

Today we will answer your most asked question:

Water consumption depends on the person's age because every person cannot intake the same quantity of water, as overhydration could also cause negative effects on the body. 

Children Around 2-5 years

Children aged 2-5 years can drink 4 cups of water in a day, and this quantity of water is enough for a child to drink. 


Teenagers should drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day. The quantity of water can be increased according to an individual's physical activity. 

Young Adults Around 17- 20 years

Adults who are counted among teenagers and adults are called teenagers, and they can consume around 9 to 10 cups of water equivalent to 72 oz, or you can simply buy a half gallon water bottle.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should drink 8 to 12 cups of water a day; it will help boost their digestion and remove harmful toxins from the body. 

Older Adults

The quantity of water intake depends on the individual because, in old age, people suffer from many diseases, depending on how they can easily intake. Still, if we have to talk about quantity, it is around 8 to 10 cups. 

We told you about the water intake quantity that one should intake according to their age, so now it's time to recommend some excellent products that will make drinking water more accessible.

  • Bottles For Schoolers and Teenagers: The amount of water a schooler and a teenager need can be stored easily in a 32 oz water bottle. The water bottle is easy to store and can easily be carried in school bags or by hand. The H20 Capsule water bottle has a removable straw and covered lid for hygiene. The wide-mouth bottles are made for easy drinking, and you can easily add ice and fruits to them for chilled and flavored water. 
  • Water Bottles For Young Adults: Young adults need more water than children and teenagers, and for them, half-gallon water bottles are the best choice to carry water for casual outings. Adults need more water when they are indulged in physical activities so they can easily refill them, or they can also switch to 2.2 Litre gallon water bottles. 
  • Water Bottles For Pregnant Women: Pregnant women need more water than other human beings. Women expecting or in the mid-time of pregnancy should drink more water because the fetus also requires water. The water bottle capacity should be around 1-2 gallons. They will not need to refill as refilling is another difficult task for pregnant women. 
  • Water Bottles For Older Adults: Older adults can drink water as per they want to because sometimes more water makes them feel uncomfortable. Drinking water is essential for everyone, and the best recommendation for old adults is gallon water bottles with straw. Straw makes sipping water quickly, and these types of bottles are spill-proof too. 

  • The internet is filled with uniquely designed, stylish, and trendy water bottles that are readily available. Some of the things that one should understand are for what occasion they want to buy a water bottle or if that bottle is fulfilling the basic water needs. Essential things to remember are that bottles should be made of fine material and they are easy to carry, and the sleeves with detachable straps make carrying bottles much more effortless. The water bottles should be BPA and BPS-free, along with that if they are microwave and dishwasher-safe, they become the ideal choice for everyone. 

    H20 Capsules designed half-gallon water bottles, 1 gallon bottle, 32oz water bottles, and many colorful sleeves and straps by keeping the demands of their customers in mind. You can also check the website and purchase the water bottles as per the requirements and the styles you prefer. All the bottles are reusable, and both bottles and sleeves are made of premium quality. 

    To sum it up, keep yourself hydrated and your body fit and active by drinking sufficient water daily, and using the water bottle that’s right for you.

    We will update you with some new and healthy tips with another informational blog.

    Till then, Stay Hydrated.