Learn How Reusable Water Bottles Make Mother Nature & Body A Better Place To Live

People say our body and nature are the two realities of our existence. Therefore, it's our topmost priority to keep them safe and sound. Fair enough! Do you truly believe that we are doing that, though? We don't feel that way. Just look around you, and you'll only see ugly landfills created by human waste.

We all are aware of the damage polythene or PVC causes to this environment. Still, every minute, people buy at least one million single-use bottles worldwide. Just imagine how much raw material would be required to produce these bottles. Not just that, now consider the space they'll occupy once discarded. The excessive usage of single-use waste has always been one of the major environmental concerns. The only possible solution to this problem is to start using reusable water bottles, H2O Capsule black water bottle, to be more precise. 

Reusable water bottles not only contribute to make the environment a better place, but they're also beneficial for you personally. They shield your body from nasty and hazardous toxins and save you money. They can also be your ideal traveling companion, as you can carry them everywhere. They are both practical and economical. This blog lists all the health and environmental perks of using reusable water bottles.

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Health Benefits Of Using Reusable Water Bottles

  • Help You Stay Hydrated All Day: Staying hydrated is the most basic yet essential requirement to stay fit and healthy. Adequate water intake keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day. The easiest way to do it is to keep a water bottle always by your side. However, single-use water bottles are limited to the volume of the bottle you have at hand. Reusable water bottles, on the other hand, make it convenient to keep with your water intake, and you won't need to fill them more than twice a day.
  • Stops Harmful Toxins To Enter Your Body: It's no secret that PVC contains many harmful chemicals. Although it is fine to use them when new, but when they age, they get damaged or are exposed to high temperatures, then disposable bottles leach toxins. Therefore, storing water in a single-use bottle for longer makes the water toxic. The usage of single-use water bottles is, therefore, never advised. These bottles also contain chemicals such as BPA, which have been already linked to causing severe issues like infertility, hormonal imbalance, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. This is one big reason why you all should switch to reusable water bottles right away. Don't worry! H2O Capsule is always there to help you make the right choice. We offer beautifully designed, customized reusable water bottles with numerous features. Our gallon insulated water bottle can be the ideal choice as they are BPA-free, made with high-quality material, and highly durable. They come with a range of colors and designs that make you go gaga over them.
  • Improves Your Overall Health: Aside from toxins, reusable water bottles also aid in improving your overall health. Keeping a reusable water bottle by your side is a perfect reminder for people with short-term memory. It keeps reminding them to have water at regular intervals. Also, with water bottles with time markers, you can keep track of your daily water intake. Preserving your body's pH balance, preventing skin decay, and nourishing hair are a few other benefits you relish with being high on water.

Environmental Benefits Of Using Reusable Water Bottles

  • Help In Reducing Single-Use Waste: We have already mentioned that billions of single-use water bottles are produced every year, and only a small percentage of them are recycled. But wait, let us clear one thing to you! Even recycled plastic waste can be reused once or twice at maximum, as the fiber degrades with time. This is why most of the single-use waste in the world ends up in landfills or oceans. Therefore, we can contribute to reducing single-use waste by switching to reusable water bottles.
  • Save Planet From Toxins: Manufacturing Single-use bottles requires a massive amount of oil; if we go by numbers, then around 17 million barrels of oil per year to make a year's supply of disposable water bottles. This is huge! Ultimately, it has been estimated that bottling water generates 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide pollution annually, including emissions from oil extraction, bottle production, and water bottling itself. The bottled water industry is the least efficient means of delivering water to humans in the history of mankind.

This is all before the bottle is even used. Once the bottle is disposed of, it eventually creates a burden on landfills and our natural environment, where it contaminates the soil and affects wildlife by releasing harmful toxins. Thus, a simple step of adopting reusable water bottles can lower these negative impacts to a significant extent. No demand! No supply! Simple.

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It's only our duty as responsible citizens to take care of our environment and personal health and make this world a better place. However, you're not alone in this beautiful yet challenging journey. H2O Capsule has your back in a little but significant way. We offer the best of both worlds with our reusable water bottles. Our water bottles do take complete care of you and your planet's health. You can choose from various options we offer for being your ever-lasting companion in this drive for a better world. Our rose quartz water bottle may be the ideal choice for reusable water bottles regarding health and the environment. Let's all stand together in this war against single-use waste to save our planet.