Reasons Why Fitness Fanatics Crave For Reusable Water Bottles

Water is indeed the source of your energy and the reason you can keep up with your physical activity so easily. You must be aware of all the benefits of staying hydrated. About 60 to 70 percent of your body is made up of water. While you may go for weeks without food, you can only survive a few days without water. There is no need to say any further why you need water.

Beyond its basic necessity for survival, another wizardly benefit water provides is that it helps in weight loss and faster metabolism. Dehydration causes severe issues; in fact, a mere 2% drop in water level may cause poor cognitive functioning, headaches, and exhaustion. According to a study published in 'The Journal Of Nutrition' dehydration also affects your mood; it may result in irritability, lethargy, and even anger. Gym freaks who often lose 8-10% of their water weight via sweat, dehydration can alter their body temperature control, reduce motivation, and make exercise feel more challenging both physically and mentally. The study says drinking half-liter water increases metabolism up to 30% for 90 minutes after consumption. It also maximizes your workout performance and reduces oxidative stress with high-intensity exercise.

Maintaining physical fitness and health has evolved into more than just a need in today's era. People who genuinely want to improve their health join gyms, but others just follow the crowd to show off. To continue with this, they all need inspiration, though. This blog will actually provide a massive source of inspiration for your fitness journey, a beautiful and handy reusable gallon water bottle with straw by H2O Capsule.

Why A Reusable Water Bottle Is A Perfect Gift For Your Gym Nut Friend?

Although you love the gyming and hardcore workout, you sometimes feel sluggish and low on energy. At that very point, you need the motivation to continue vigorously, and that is 'water.' Having water with you all the time keeps you hydrated, boosting the drop-down energy level. However, people fall short when it comes down to it. The reason? Most of them have yet to find the most appropriate water bottle they can carry all day without fuss. Especially men, they don't want to carry the extra burden when they leave their house. Going to the gym with water can be challenging for your man. So how do you ensure your guy is staying hydrated at the gym? Hook him up with an H2O Capsule reusable water bottle. It's so cool and handy; he won't want to start his workout routine without it. Here's why he'd love it.

gallon water bottle with a straw

  • Built For Gym Life: H2O Capsule gives you the perfect 'look good, feel good attitude at the gym. Our bottles come in unique and captivating designs and are incorporated with all the handy features. We are the only sports water bottle brand with a protective sleeve to secure your belongings. With us, you need not worry about your keys, misplacing your mobile around the gym, or money/cards. You can store all these in the water bottle sleeve and do your workout.

  • Protect You From Toxins: Your friend goes to the gym to keep himself fit and healthy. So what's the point of carrying a water bottle that infuses toxins into the water and harms your friend? That is why we've come to help. H2O Capsule makes every reusable water bottle a crusader. Despite having filtered water, the poor quality of the bottle can contaminate the water with hazardous toxins such as BPA that can severely affect the reproductive system. H2O Capsule bottles are absolutely free from such toxins and save your body from polymers and other synthetic compounds. A friendly recommendation from our side to gift your friend our popular cheetah water bottle. We know it will suit his personality and make his mates feel envious.

  • Guide Him With Daily Water Intake: Drinking an adequate amount of water is the key to staying hydrated. If dehydration can cause problematic issues, having excess water is not beneficial either. When you drink too much water, you may experience water poisoning or disruption of brain function. That's why it is crucial to have a proper amount, especially when you need water to gain muscle. H2O Capsule's water bottles with time markers help you monitor your daily water consumption and guide you with the right amount you need to drink. With our 1-gallon water bottle, you don't need to refill the bottle not more than twice a day. We offer you an ideal gyming, running, biking, trekking, or yoga partner.

  • Odor-Free: One of the biggest disadvantages of using a reusable water bottle is the risk of unpleasant flavor aftertaste. Most bottles carry some flavored beverages when opened after long; their unpleasant stench doesn't fade away easily. It is a big turn-off when choosing a present for your loved ones. Relax! With H2O Capsule, this is not the case. Your man won't ever need to worry about the leftover protein powder or pre-workout in his bottle. We're offering totally odor-free bottles to keep them fresh like always.

  • pink water bottle


    Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, the H2O Capsule offers a plethora of other reasons to opt for our exquisitely crafted bottles. H2O Capsule caters to your entire family, not just your man. From your school-going child to your grandparents strolling around the nearby garden. We have something for everyone. Our pink water bottle is something your child would love, as it comes with a shoulder strap to assist your child in carrying it with ease, a spill-free lid, and a time marker that keeps track of your child's water intake throughout the day. You can even take it with you to your office or board meetings. It grooms your personality and serves health benefits simultaneously.