The Wonders Of Water- Hydration & Muscle Building

Everyone keeps singing the prayers of water and how versatile it is for humankind, and rightfully so! It indeed is the elixir of life that is not only a primary constituent of the human body but also has more benefits than we can count.

Yet still, it finds a way to surprise us with its growing & newfound benefits every day! We know how crucial it is to hydrate even when you’re a reasonably inactive person, so imagine the increased need for the same if you happen to be an individual with an active lifestyle!

Now we know it can seem tedious to keep up with the massive intake goals your physicians and dieticians set for you, but what if we gave you the ultimate incentive to follow it religiously?

What if we told you that drinking more and more water will not only maintain your body energy and activeness but will also take you closer to your ultimate goal- Muscle Building!

Surprised? We thought so! Let’s stop stalling and dive right into the matter!

Water- Liquid Wonder!

The sheer omnipresence of this liquid should be reason enough to believe in its potency and surrender to the ultimate truth that it is, in fact, life-saving and life-altering. 

It is eye-opening to consider how over 70% of the planet is covered in this liquid, which is EXCLUDING its presence in almost every living creature on land as well!! Our own body, for instance, is made of three-quarters water. 

So, these muscles and tissues we keep trying to build and enhance are also primarily made of water. And when we keep pushing on the protein for gains and ignore water, that is when we undermine its importance and see failed attempts in front of us.

So what is it exactly that we need to be doing in order to strengthen our muscles? The answer is to drink more water, but before following everything blindly, you must know HOW WOULD IT HELP?

Hydration & Muscle Building- How Does It Help?

The Wonders Of Water- Hydration & Muscle Building

If you’re serious about your bodybuilding goals and want to see some serious gains the right way, then you need to keep your half-gallon water bottle or full gallon water bottle close, and here’s why!

Keeps The Muscles Pumped

We’re going to dig a bit into our body and how it functions, so bear with us. When we exercise, our muscles absorb water from the blood passing through our vessels and increase in size and volume, thus giving us the “pump” we see after a good workout.

Now, it is pretty straightforward to make this connection between our water intake and muscle pumping. So, when our body is well hydrated, our muscles pump to their full extent.

But when there’s not enough water in the system, what will the muscles absorb? Then the blood doesn’t transfer water to the muscles as it needs it as well to maintain optimum blood pressure & circulation.

So, if you want to feel good the next time you flex in front of the mirror after a hard-sesh, make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after the workout!

Energy & Recovery

Water, as we just discussed, is a primary constituent of the human body and is thus needed in almost every metabolic activity taking place anywhere. Talking strictly about muscle building, when we exercise, our muscles undergo contraction & expansion, releasing various toxins in the process.

When we drink water, these toxins are diluted and often removed, giving our bodies the energy to continue this exercise. But when we’re dehydrated, there arises a lack of electrolytes in the muscles, which not only causes rigid & restricted movement of muscles but also allows the toxins to build up and store in muscles.

This build-up then becomes the reason for the feeling of soreness and fatigue after a workout. In fact, in extreme cases, it may also lead to the tearing of muscles. All of  Which could have easily been avoided or at least diminished if the body was well-hydrated.

So the maths is pretty simple, right?  

Workout + Water = Less Fatigue & faster Recovery!

So, you need to regulate your water intake according to your activity level, and to make things easier, you can buy a water bottle with times to keep track and remind yourself to hydrate at frequent intervals.

The Wonders Of Water- Hydration & Muscle Building

Resists Breakdown

By now, you’ve understood the basics of how water helps in and affects muscle building, so it’s not a very far leap to understand how water can resist muscle breakdown. Without going into the processes again, we’ll try and explain how.

What you need to understand first is that protein breakdown and synthesis both take place in muscles and to avoid losing muscle mass, our body should be ideally creating more protein than it should be breaking it down. 

But when we’re dehydrated, the cells in our muscles shrink, and thus the protein breakdown increases. This can be particularly problematic in the initial stages when our muscles haven’t transformed yet.

So, water is the solution to yet another muscle-building problem you will most likely face in your body transformation journey.


In essence, it all boils down to hydration. Every bodily function happening in pour body at any given time is very likely to be dependent on or be enhanced by water intake. 

Thus it becomes imperative to keep a water bottle close whether you’re an active person or not. Now browse beautiful designs like our quartz water bottle and hydrate in style with H2O Capsule!