Back Packing/ Hiking? Don't Leave These Essentials Out!

We all enjoy nature once in a while. But when we are out there, we often find ourselves in a situation where we forget to carry essential items with us while hiking or backpacking. The good thing, however, is that you can easily find most of these essentials to make your hiking and backpacking experience fun, safe and comfortable. 

If you go around looking for stuff that you can carry around while hiking or backpacking, you will be surprised to see how many products there are on the market. From backpacks, reusable gallon bottles, packaged food items, portable lights, etc, you can easily find all kinds of backpacking stuff online as well as offline. 

Today, we are going to list some of the essentials that you should never part with if you are going hiking or backpacking. 

So, let’s begin… 

Back Packing/ Hiking? Don't Leave These Essentials Out!

Quality Backpack 

Whenever one talks about backpacking or hiking, the first and most important thing that pops up in all our heads is - Backpack. Several types of backpacks are readily available in the market today. We would recommend you to choose the ones that come with the cushioned strap as it will provide comfort. You can also go for backpacks with extra support with a padded waist strap. Luckily, you can easily find these backpacks in the market. 


Who can forget to pack food while going hiking and backpacking? Packing healthy snacks will help you keep up the energy and stamina to help you enjoy a day on the trail. When choosing which snacks to pack for hiking, you must always pack minimally processed snacks that are non-perishable like a trail mix of dry fruits and nuts or energy bars. 

Emergency Guidebook 

Carrying an emergency guidebook with you while hiking or backpacking is a very smart decision. Wherever you go hiking, there is a high probability that it won’t have cell service or internet access. This is where this emergency guidebook can come in handy. Most of these emergency guidebooks come with information on all the emergency protocols and instructions. 

First Aid Kit 

Another very important thing to carry while hiking, is the first aid kit. There are several travel-size first aid kits that are most suitable for hiking or backpacking trips. Most of these kits come with all the basic requirements including disinfectant, antibiotics, bandages, and painkillers. Do not forget to carry extra masks and sanitizers. 

Reusable Water Bottle 

Another very important thing that you should never forget while packing is a reusable water bottle. There are several different water bottles available in the market that can fit right into your backpack. At H2o Capsule, we have several different reusable water bottles. Here, you can find gallon reusable water bottles, 2l water bottles, or gallon size water bottles with storage.  These sustainable water bottles are perfect for activities like backpacking and hiking. 

While looking for water bottles, you must check H2O Capsule’s collection of reusable and sustainable water bottles online. At H2O capsule, you can find a huge variety of sustainable water bottles that have been designed to reshape the concept of water bottles from being a necessity to a fashion accessory. Right from 1l, 2l water bottles to a gallon size bottle, you can easily find it all in the H20 Capsule product catalog. 

Toiletry Kit 

You can easily find a compact toiletry kit for your hiking or backpacking trip. Keeping toiletries handy is something very important for self-care. Especially for overnight trips, it is highly advisable to carry a handy toiletries kit. 

Camping Towel 

If you are visiting a place with a shower while camping, carrying a camping towel can become a blessing in disguise. The only thing to note here is to look for a small and compact microfiber towel. Choosing a microfiber towel is a smart choice since it dries up really quickly. 

Portable Lights

While going on hiking or backpacking carrying portable lights is a smart decision. A headlamp is an ideal choice for camping trips since it allows you to have a hands-free flashlight. While packing portable light, make sure you also pack enough batteries. Another good option for portable lights is the light sticks. 

Weather Accessories 

Remember weather conditions are unpredictable. Considering this unpredictability, you should always be prepared. While packing for hiking or camping, make sure you carry along with the rain poncho, wide-brimmed sun hat, and extra set of clothes. Always search for foldable and light accessories when packing for camping or hiking.


Back Packing/ Hiking? Don't Leave These Essentials Out!

These are some of the essential products that one must carry while going hiking or backpacking. Apart from this, there are several other recreational items like playing cards, novels, etc that you can carry with you while backpacking or hiking. Always be prepared and pack sensibly while planning camping or hiking. Above, we have the list of essentials that you need to carry along while backpacking and hiking. Be it a gallon size water bottles, 2l water bottles, backpacks, portable lights, etc, don’t forget to pack the right hiking essentials that can come in real handy! 

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