Reusable Water Bottles Becoming A Status Symbol!

When asked in a survey- what is the amount that you would spend on a water bottle, the answer was quite shocking. People were willing to spend between a range of $30 to $150 on a sustainable water bottle. The change in the thought process of people has remarkably set a new era for the water bottle industry - consumers have become more aware of their environment and the importance of sustainability. As such, reusable water bottles are quickly becoming an essential part of how people identify themselves to others. Now, it might sound weird, but that is true!

Today, there are several trending water bottle companies like H2O Capsule who are designing some really cool and functional water bottles and taking the industry to another level. Whereas consumers used to face limited and boring choices, today we have several unique and stylish options to pick from. 

The reusable water bottle industry today is considered to be a growing industry with a value of $8.64 billion and is expected to rise even more. The evidence of this can be seen around the world- everyone has at least one reusable water bottle,. with increasingly more people turning to brands that are renowned for their sustainability and environmental quotient. Carrying a branded half gallon water bottle has become a new trend. 

We all know that we live in a world where identifying ourselves to others matters. Right from being dressed in branded clothes, shoes, and accessories, to water bottles, people are paying much more attention to what they wear, carry and buy. With companies like H2O Capsule, carrying water bottles around in style has become possible. From funky colors, stylish designs, and functional sleeves, you can count these bottles among the accessories you style with. 

Apart from this, with fitness becoming an essential part of people’s life, keeping yourself hydrated has also become a necessity. We keep scrolling through the fitness paparazzi photos of many celebs during their fitness regimes - in the gym, out of the gym, jogging, etc. Have you noticed how in every picture they have a reusable water bottle with them? This is another evidence of how reusable water bottles are becoming a new trend and status symbol. 

Natalie Fee, founder of City to Seal, a nonprofit organization, has certainly picked up this trend. "The idea of reusable bottles being a fashion accessory is a good thing,” she says, “if you want people to adopt a new behavior, if you want to create mass change, it helps to have influential people on board. Within the environmental movement, people have been carrying reusable bottles for years, but when you get Love Island contestants using them it is huge – it helps to normalize it.”

While reusable water bottles have become a new fashion accessory, they have started to create a fundamental shift to sustainability.

Considering all that, we would like to mention how H2O Capsule water bottles are changing the concept of reusable water bottles. With our designer bottles, you don’t just keep yourself hydrated, but also find a stylish way to carry your essentials such as your phone, cards, and keys. All our water bottles include half-gallon water bottles, 1-gallon water bottles, or rose quartz water bottles that come with the carry-all sleeve, making it an efficient investment. 

All our bottles are made using sustainable materials which makes them environmentally sound and perfect for people looking for a sustainable water bottle. Unlike the times when people either have to choose plastic water bottles or steel ones, we have introduced a new range of colorful and unique reusable water bottles in all sizes. 

You can easily make yourself more stylish and keep hydrated at the same time. We all know that using a reusable water bottle has become a new trend and status symbol that also demonstrates your commitment to reducing plastic waste. With our water bottle collection, we are certain that you can find the right style of a reusable water bottle. We have several different sizes of bottles right from half-gallon water bottles to 1-gallon water bottles. 


In the end, we would like to say that reusable water bottles are grabbing more and more attention with time. As we mentioned, everyone today has at least one reusable water with them. The good thing is that you can easily find these reusable water bottles. H2O Capsule is one such brand that is working on revolutionizing the concept of reusable water bottles into a fashion accessory. There are many products we have that come with sleeves to fit in multiple stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now and make a statement.