Here's How to Accessorize Your H2O Capsule Water Bottle

Many people are using reusable water bottles today, especially water bottles with times to help them track hydration progress throughout the day. There are two major reasons for using reusable bottles - compared to single-use water bottles, they are safer for the health of the planet and yourself, and they are more cost efficient because you don’t need to buy the entire bottle every time and just have to refill. Single-use water bottles are filled with chemicals, and the reason behind this is to preserve the water for a longer duration. Also, the single-use plastic material is not good for our health and for the environment as well. But you may be thinking - don't I feel bored by using the same water bottle every day? So here's the solution.

H2O Capsule offers durable bottles that greatly aid in nurturing and preserving what is left of the environment, and provides a wide variety of sleeves, lids and straps that allow your bottle to last for a very long time. Otherwise after viewing, keeping, and utilizing the same object for days, months, and even longer, we understand that it’s human nature to become tired of it. 

Therefore, we’ve gone to great lengths to give you the highest quality water carriers with gorgeous patterns and a tone of useful extras when it comes to our products!

It would be unfortunate if you were forced to purchase more than one merely for the sake of "diversity." Not to mention that reusable bottles are designed to lower our net consumption and, as a result, our net waste. Consequently, purchasing many bottles is counterproductive and turns our pro-environment campaign into a mere gimmick, which is not what we are about. Our passion for and concern for nature inspire us to develop our products. We fervently want to protect it, so we're doing everything we can.

There are three ways to change the complete look of your reusable water bottle, and here is how.


The first suggestion in the list is sleeves. You can buy as many sleeves as you want and change the entire look of your reusable water bottle. It is not at all required to buy a new water bottle, but it's better to invest your money in a variety of sleeves. We make trendy prints, sleeves, basic pastels, and unique floral prints are also available. Nowadays, leopard water bottles are so much in trend, and you can buy the water bottle sleeve to make your reusable water bottle look amazing. You can buy different patterns according to the seasons, places you are visiting, and casual outings. The demand for basic colors also increased because they are universal and appropriate for everywhere you are going. 


If you are using time-marking water bottles to track the amount of water you are consuming, in that case, you definitely will not use any sleeves. Then how do they look different every day? The best you can do is to buy a variety of lids available on our online store. There are many colors on our website, like pink, blue, yellow, black, and many more. All the lids come with a removable straw and infusing filter. You can easily use reusable water bottles by removing the straw as they are removable and the infusing filter is to clean the straw from inside as many people store juices and protein shakes in the bottle and consume them through a straw; in that case, straws become dirty from inside. 


All the sleeves of reusable water bottles come with a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and if you don't want to change the sleeve every single time, then you can buy different color detachable straps for your sleeve, which will make your reusable water bottle look like new every time you use it. You can buy quartz water bottles and shoulder straps in colors like black, lavender, teal, pink, and many more. 

We hope that now you understand the different ways of changing the look of your reusable water bottle without changing the water bottle itself. 

In conclusion, there are several ways to keep your reusable water bottle looking new and fresh whenever you use it. You may get as creative and hands-on as you like with the bottle and work your own magic, or you can choose the easy route and add gorgeous accessories to make it appear even better.