Wonders of Using Reusable Time Marker Water Bottles Instead of Single-Use Bottles

'Save water, save life' - This adage is key to human survival in this world. Water is the most fundamental and significant element of our planet, and we are all aware of its essential benefits. But sadly, it's getting difficult day by day to keep this magic potion clean and healthy for its best use.

We know millions of pounds of plastic waste are getting dumped into the oceans and other water bodies daily, and if it continues like this, we will quickly reach a point where we will be water-starved. So, it is our duty as responsible global citizens to protect our planet from degrading into a landfill.

One of the worst plastic waste we use is single-use water bottles. By switching to reusable water bottles instead of single-use, we take a step forward in making our land better. So, whether you're going for your school picnic, a family vacation, or working out in the gym, start carrying reusable gallon water bottle with straw. The benefits of choosing reusable water bottles over single-use water bottles range from concerns about the amount of plastic already polluting the oceans to concerns about plastic bottle toxicity. There's even a financial benefit of switching to reusable bottles instead of single-use ones, as you can refill them every time they run out rather than buying a new one. The listing below shows some significant benefits of using reusable water bottles. 

Advantages of Using Reusable Water Bottles.

  • Reduce Plastic Waste

Billions of single-use bottles are being produced every year, and only a minute percentage are recycled. Even recycled plastic waste can be reused only a couple of times as the fiber degrades. Thus, most of the plastic trash ends up in landfills or the oceans, where it pollutes the environment by releasing toxic chemicals, further affecting people and wildlife. In the 2019 International Coastal Cleanup report, plastic bottles top the chart of most common everyday items that pollute the oceans with over 1.9 million plastic bottles. This is one of the biggest reasons we strongly need to stop utilizing single-use water bottles.

  • Good For Your Health 

Many things already pass toxins into our bodies, and we don't need more of them. As we all know, drinking enough water keeps our bodies hydrated and healthy. We should always keep H2O Capsule's water bottle with times with us, which constantly prompts us to drink water and thus keep us hydrated. As plastic bottles are not safe and healthy at all because of their chemical properties, we should start to replace them with reusable water bottles. Healthy water improves our overall health by improving digestion, minimizing headaches, and many more. Water also makes your skin glow.

  • Shield You From Toxins

We all know that plastic is a toxic garbage bag. However, we can use plastic bottles for once when it is new. But they dispose of more hazardous chemicals when exposed to temperature change. That is why we should never reuse single-use water bottles. The amount of health issues with plastic bottles is still disputed, but chemicals such as BPA have already been linked to infertility, hormone imbalance, and cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. This is another reason we should start using reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles.

  • Helps To Keep Track Of Your Water Consumption

A reusable water bottle not only serves as a constant reminder to hydrate but also helps you keep track of your daily water consumption. You can buy a time marker water bottle by H2O Capsules to help you with this. With them, you can also count the water intake during and after your workout. These time marker water bottles can also be a great option for your school-going kids, as they will help them hydrate regularly. 
H2O Capsule is on a mission to make our globe a better place. We provide an excellent substitute for single-use water bottles. H2O Capsule is your one-stop shop for hundreds of beautifully and intellectually designed reusable water bottles. 

Most people are now aware of the drawbacks of using single-use water bottles and prefer reusable water bottles. Thus, these reusable water bottles are getting more popular day by day. H2O Capsule is helping them to find the best solution with their reusable water bottles. Our water jug with a strap or a gallon water bottle with straw would be a terrific choice for a particular purpose, like a sporting event at your child's school or on a school trip to a remote area. We use the highest-quality materials while creating our products for children.

H2O Capsule's reusable water bottle is fashionable and is made to customer specifications with an eye-catching branding. Our water bottle has all the attributes, including no BPA or BPS, no odor, and food safety. 

Always make sure you wash water bottles regularly for better storage. Try cleaning them with vinegar and baking soda, which is one of the best methods to clean water bottles if you have stored any cold or acidic drinks. Till then, stay safe, stay hydrated.